Wednesday, September 20, 2017


A senior girl worthy of lots of love.  She's on thyroid meds and arthritis pain meds but just wants to be loved.


Ghiradelli is a lot of fun.   Labeled as a chocolate siamese he could be a Burmese.  A bull in a china shop.  He'll go from high energy to lap cat in 10 seconds and the reverse.  Loves to hunt, play and cuddle.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


June 14, 2018
Rizzo - loose (thyroid pills)
Grayce (feral)
Lyric in house
Added Kitten #1 from Nantucket

June 13, 2018

Rizzo - loose (thyroid pills)
Grayce (feral)
Lyric in house

Murray has been adopted, Rizzo is in the house
14 cats loose in the garage - aka zoo.

Zeta has claimed to frig

Queen Anne's cats - 13,  Rizzo, Mama, Zeta and Murray

9/1 never expected my garage to have 17 cats and kittens
6/18. Haverty trying to make friends with tipp.  He lay down and rolled on his back right in front of tipp and my feet.
Zeta and Tipp just had encounter in rafters. Fortunately no one fell through. If this had happened earlier it might explain why I didn't see zeta. 
Where is she now?  Tipp has almost blocked her way down.  I improve the other spot to come down near the garage rolling door. 
Tori meds in cage including l'lysine.  The others still need the latter.  Zeta got canned up she is apprehensive abt tipp.  Haverty is sending out confident vibes and Tipp has left alone.  Haverty did stalk Tipp to play and walked away.  Tori stalked a lying haverty to play. Pulled up short with growl and hiss.  How typical.
Haverty acting a little nervous.  Watching psycho cat.  Zeta went into cage while watching 3 others sharing bird play.  Tori swatted haverty but totally missing him. Didn't faze him. 

Queen Anne's cats

Queen Anne's cats

Duke - 1 year
Duchess - 1 year
Count - 1 year
Baron - 1 year
William - 5 months
Mary- 5 months
Charles- 5 months
James- 5 months
George- 5 months
Nicolas- 5 months


Count - long lanky teenager (1 year).  Loves pets

Least adoptable:  Queen Victoria


Baron - sweet and agreeable loving attention.  


James is sooo tired.

Count is enjoying cat tree

Zeta has claimed the top of the frig

Sunday, August 21, 2016


 Prince prior Scraggles

Went from a scraggly cat to a wonderful friendly social cat needing a forever home and he got a great home.

He's a wonderful lap cat and enjoys pets and attention.

Adopted and doing great in his new home

Friday, July 22, 2016


Charlie - a female 4-5 months feral at this time
Charlie is visited by Nia
Charlie was trapped at approximately 5 months in Hampton.  She has one stint at Petsmart where she did quite well.  Lots of questions but noone serious.

Oct 2015 - We are hoping that she will tame down so that she can be adopted.  She's the white one with spots.  Nia is a 9-10 week old calico rescued from the median near Wendy's on Jefferson near Patrick Henry mall.  Nia was a hissy mess initially but within 24 hrs was already asking for love and attention.  What a difference age makes in socializing!

Everdeen decided to go for a free meal and climed the cage and joined Charlie.  
Maybe these other cats - Everdeen, Finnick and Nia will have a favorable influence on Charlie


Socks is a little tuxedo kitten that D. Lee trapped along with an adult.  I'm guessing 8 or 9 weeks old.  Never hissed and after just a couple of days he is coming for attention and loving petting.  Not sure about being picked up but I heard his first purr (7/22) while holding.  Such a cutie and he'll be a sweet addition to someone's home.